Safe Sanctuaries

According to the Safe Sanctuaries resource page "Creating a safe, loving environment is one of the foundations of what we do as God's people. Developing an atmosphere that protects our children is critical. We, as Christians, must be diligent about this task."  This statement is very much true and an important part of making sure we as a church can provide the types of ministries we do with all age groups. While here at Asbury United Methodist Church we have our own Safe Sanctuaries policy that we required all those who service in areas with children and youth to sign, we want to provided links to some of the resources you will need as a volunteer to make sure you have the proper training and clearances. If you have any questions related to who needs clearances and why, please check out the link below which will take you to the conference website. On there you will find information about safe sanctuaries, what the Pennsylvania laws are regarding child abuse prevention and how to obtain the clearances you will need to serve as a volunteer in the church. 

Safe Sanctuaries clearances link:

Asbury's Safe Sanctuaries Policy :