var u871932714="pastor.asburyerie"; var h27542420="";var linktext=u871932714+'@'+h27542420;document.write('' + linktext + '.'); We will be studying the book of 1 Kings, starting with chapters 4 & 5. On an additional note related to Bible Study and personal devotions. Asbury UMC offers a great opportunity for you to supplement, or develop your devotions during the midweek. This is especially important during this time when we have not been able to resume Sunday School and it seems so difficult to find some space for spiritual development. This resource I am writing about is the Right Now Media Account. Many of you may have remembered receiving an invitation to Right Now Media in the past, and that invitation can be resent, or maybe you just haven’t logged in for a while. Right now media provides a wide range of Bible Studies on a broad number of topics, as well as many books of the Bible. In addition to those studies there are also studies and programs specifically designated for children and youth. As a family you may find several of these studies meet your needs to keep you growing in your faith, and this is all a gift to you provided by Asbury United Methodist Church. This is also an opportunity if you have ever desired to have a small group meeting at your home for spiritual growth, but weren’t sure how to do it, this might be your answer. You may login to look around with Right Now Media at I have used many of these studies in the past and found the teachings to be solid and easy to follow. Please consider using this tool during this time to grow in your relationship with Christ. Peace and Grace, "/>

Pastor Bill's 7-16-20 message

07.19.20 | by Hastings William