June 3, 2020 update

    06.03.20 | Covid 19 by Bruce Davis

     June 3, 2020

    Dear Asbury family and friends,

    Worship: Asbury UMC will offer morning worship for all led by Pastor Bruce Davis in the church parking lot on Sunday, June 7 at 10:00 a.m.  Folks attending can park, remain in the car, turn on the radio and tune in to FM Station 106.7 to receive the pastor’s message, and join in prayer and singing familiar hymns. We will maintain for the foreseeable future an on air and online presence even when the church opens for in person worship. Children’s messages will remain on line until the church opens for worship. We continue to evaluate and plan to create a place to worship our Lord as a part of His body.

    My prayer time for you all Sunday morning was focused on you as I prayed for you and as Moses declared in Numbers 11:29 I wish that all the LORD's people were prophets and that the LORD would put his Spirit on them!" I pray that all of us experience the joy of the presence of God in our lives and the witness of the Spirit that we have confidence that we are God’s children. Loved and cared for as a favored child. My other prayer burden was for the healing of wounds caused by the incident with George Floyd and his tragic death at the hands of a policeman. Evil events like that shake a soul and it should. Evil is such a part of our broken world. We all need more of Jesus and His presence in our lives so that we reflect Him in all we say and do. As I read each name, I thought of you all.       

    In the meantime let’s not forget to thank God for His blessings and help in our lives and county. Pray for the leadership of church as we continue to talk about reopening for worship and other things.

              Pray for those who have contracted COVID-19 and pray that we will be able to reach out to each other.

    Here is some updated information. If you know anyone who is not connected on email and social media share this with them

    Tithes and Offerings: Thanks for those who stopped by or mailed their offerings into the office this week. Please continue or if you haven’t done so yet consider it this week

     Church Building: We continue to leave the church building open for personal prayer and small group meetings and committees as determined by the chairpersons of each committee.

     Office: Please do as much interaction with the office by phone or email as possible. We will require mask to be in the office. Don’t be offended if we ask you to pass things to be copied through the window so Sandy can do the coping for you. The mail boxes are now in the back office. A key for the back office are available. Sandy can retrieve your mail for you. She has discretion to allow you in while she is in the office. Since the office is small no more 2 including Sandy should be in the office at a time, even with masks. Thanks for your cooperation.

    We are still available to talk and help you. Check with us before you come to make sure we are here and available.

    Bible Study: It will be at 6:00pm on Wednesday. We will be have a hybrid Bible study some in person and others connected either through Zoom or phone. Hope to see you or at least hear you then. We will continue in 1 John

     Pastor Bruce